China and Taiwan

The research that went into Diplomats & Admirals, particularly the period surrounding the Sino-Japanese War of 1895, provided important background of the Taiwan situation today. It is worth noting that Taiwan has never been a province or possession of the current regime in China. Taiwan was taken over by Japan in the course of the Sino-Japanese War, and Taiwan was part of the Japanese empire until September, 1945. At that point Taiwan reverted to the Republic of China of Chiang Kai-shek. As a result of the civil war in China, the Chiang government moved to Taiwan in 1949, and the Republic 0f China evolved into the current government as it exists today.

Letter to the Editor, Wall Street Journal, Feb.10, 2023, in reply to Fay Vincent op-ed praising Lt. Cdr. Rochefort:

Congratulations to Mr. Vincent for his op-ed on the crucial part played by Lt. Cdr. (later Capt.) Rochefort in the Battle of Midway. The other half of the scarcely told story is the leadership of the air group commander of the aircraft carrier Enterprise, Lt. Cdr. (later Capt.) Wade McClusky, who made brilliant command decisions that resulted in two squadrons of dive bombers crushing the Japanese carrier force. Yes, McClusky was awarded a Navy Cross, but historians have never recognized him for his crucial role in the battle that was the turning point in the Pacific War.

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