Suggested Speaking Topics

Dale is available for speaking engagements on the following topics:

The Pearl Harbor Attack.  On December 7, 1941, over 350 planes from six Japanese carriers attacked the Pacific Fleet naval base.  Seven battleships were sunk and over 2000 sailors were lost.

The failed diplomacy of 1941.  After months of negotiation, an agreement to avoid war with Japan was within reach, but intervention by Chiang Kai-shek scuttled the agreement and the result was the attack on Pearl Harbor and war.

The Fight for Wake Island.  Following the Pearl Harbor attack, a huge Japanese amphibious force invaded Wake Island, but not before U.S. Marines made a valiant defense. 

The Doolittle Raid.  U.S. Pacific Fleet carriers took long-range planes to six hundred miles of Japan to raid Tokyo and three other cities in a show of strength that shook the Japanese command.

The Battle of the Coral Sea. The first battle between evenly matched carrier fleets of Japan and the United States resulted in a U.S. carrier sunk, the Japanese severely weakened, and the Japanese invasion of Port Moresby turned back.

The Battle of Midway.  Pacific Fleet dive bombers sank four Japanese carriers in the last possible moments to snatch victory from defeat and reverse the surging Japanese offensive in the Pacific.

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