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The Failed Diplomacy of November, 1941.

Japan invaded southern Indo-China in July, 1941, and President Roosevelt ordered a partial asset freeze on Japanese assets in the United States. Ass’t Secretary of State Dean Acheson escalated the freeze to a total embargo of oil to force a withdrawal from southern Indo-China. Japan was being strangled for lack of oil, and US Ambassador Joseph Grew warned that Japan will not be coerced into submission but will fight, regardless of the outcome. Finally, in late November, the Japanese army agreed to withdraw from southern Indo-China in exchange for a limited resumption of oil shipments. Chiang Kai-shek intervened to prevent the agreement, Secretary of State Cordell Hull backed down, and the result two weeks later was the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Dale is available for discussions and interviews on the following topics: 

1. The Failed Diplomacy of Late 1941
2. The Attack On Pearl Harbor
3. The Fight For Wake Island
4. The Doolittle Raid On Tokyo
5. The Battle Of The Coral Sea
6. The Battle Of Midway

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